Prototype PCB Assembly

Founded in 2004 by engineers, we help other engineers get their prototype designs built fast and right.

From coast to coast, we work with engineers designing everything from life-changing medical devices to new military technology to one-of-a-kind experiments for launch into space.

To help make the development of products easier, faster and cheaper, we offer several specialized services:

DFA (Design for Assembly) Verification.  This unique software creates a virtual prototype of your design using your actual files. Every project is checked for errors to avoid holds or delays. 

First Article Service. We’ll get everything ready to build, but only assemble and ship a couple. Make any design adjustments, and we'll make them happen for the final run.

Turnkey Assembly. Our sourcing and procurement teams find and order your components, then inventory them to ensure accuracy. We handle the headaches and risks for you.

Our job is to help accelerate your next great idea. See why thousands of engineers trust us with their PCB projects. Get a quote today. 

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Here's what it looks like at Advanced Assembly. This small group of employees represents nearly 500 years of combined manufacturing experience! 

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