PCB Fabrication and Assembly

Advanced Assembly partners with some of the nation’s leading printed circuit board fabrication houses to supply our customers with the highest quality bare boards.

Manufacturing Capabilities:

Circuit ConstructionsSingle-Sided / Double-Sided / Multi-Layer / Flex / Rigid Flex
MaterialFR-4 / Rogers / Arlon / Polymide / Aluminum / Kapton
Copper Weights.05 oz. to 10 oz.
Layer Count1 to 30 Layers
Stack UpControl Dielectric / Control Impedance / TDR Testing
Board Thickness0.005" to 0.125"
Standard Board SizesUp to 16" x 22" (oversized boards upon review)
Minimum Finished Hole Size.005" min.
Smallest Trace/Space.003"/.003"
Surface FinishLeaded Solder / Lead-Free Solder / ENIG / ENEPIG / Hard Gold / Wire Bonded Gold / Immersion Silver / OSP / Selective Gold
Solder Mask ColorsAny color upon request
Silkscreen ColorsAny color upon request
ViasBlind & Buried Vias / Via-in-pads (VIP) / Filled Vias (conductive and non-conductive) / Silver & Epoxy Filled Vias

If there is a specification not listed, please contact your sales representative to discuss your PCB fabrication and assembly needs.

Cost Saving Tips for PCB Fabrication:

  • Use Standards
  • Panelize Boards
  • Keep trace/space at .005″/.005″
  • Use standard solder mask color (Green)
  • Use standard silkscreen color (White)