Consignment Services

Some of our customers still prefer to order their own parts and boards. This is absolutely fine. Simply mail us your printed circuit boards and components and we’ll machine-assemble the order.

Acceptable Part Formats

You should NOT have to buy entire reels for proto and low-volume build requirements. At Advanced Assembly, we accept parts in any form of packaging (with a few limitations). Please purchase parts in one of the following formats:

     Continuous Cut Tape,

     Reels (ensure there is at least 6" leader on all reels),

     Tubes, and…

     Bulk or Loose Components. Please note: we accept loose parts with the following criteria:

  • Components are not damaged
  • Tape, reels, trays or tubes are not available
  • 0402 or smaller, please send in tape format including diodes or other similar sized parts
  • 0603 or larger, acceptable up to 120 placements per board, limited to 35 boards or less

Preparing Your Kit

To make the packaging process easier, Advanced Assembly uses your BOM information to email you bar-coded kit labels with exact quantities for all consignment orders. We strongly encourage customers to use these labels on parts bags to streamline the Receiving and Inventory processes.