Popular PCB Misconceptions: Do You Know the Truth?


We rely on printed circuit boards constantly. Every electronic device we use is operational thanks to PCB assembly. But even though circuit boards are everywhere, they have a mysterious air about them. Unless you perform¬†circuit board assembly services¬†yourself, you might believe some of the industry’s most popular misconceptions. We’re shedding light on these PCB myths in today’s post.

MYTH: PCBs Are Bad For the Environment

Some people claim that using printed circuit board assembly services and creating PCBs is not environmentally sound. And it’s certainly true that a lot of PCBs end up in landfills after a device is thrown away. But that doesn’t have to be the case. More manufacturers are recycling electronic components and encouraging consumers to send in the devices they don’t want anymore, rather than throwing them in the trash. Plus, PCB engineers are actually in the process of developing boards that are biodegradable! When discarded, these PCBs will break down naturally without harming the environment. They aren’t available quite yet, but there’s another way you can reduce PCB waste: by working with professional circuit board assembly services. If you hire a reputable company, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of waste you create simply because fewer mistakes will be made.

MYTH: All PCB Assembly Follows the Same Design Rules

While most multilayer boards adhere to the most common number of layers (four, six, eight, or 10), that doesn’t mean that every board has the same design rules. Flexible and rigid boards function in much the same way, but their design requirements are quite different. That means that someone who specializes in one type won’t be an automatic expert on the other. Some designs need to keep reduction of stress in mind, while others need to consider base material stability. To avoid the common pitfalls of design, it’s best to work with highly regarded circuit board assembly houses the first time around.

MYTH: An Experienced PCB Designer Doesn’t Need to Check Their Work

This idea is pretty much all about ego. It’d be great if the amount of experience an engineer has would negate their need for PCB inspection. But that’s simply not how the world works — and why the best circuit board assembly services include advanced PCB inspection techniques to ensure superior quality. A mere visual inspection isn’t enough to satisfy a demanding customer. With so many choices for PCB suppliers, it’s important that your choice offers the best inspection options. These features aren’t because they don’t believe in the quality of their designers or their products, but because they want to make sure customers are completely happy with the final result.

We hope today’s post cleared up a few of the most common misconceptions about printed circuit boards — and that you no longer believe these myths. To find out more about our services, get in touch with us today.

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