May 13, 2019

How Does Turnkey PCB Assembly Reduce Turnaround Time?

When you’re running a technology company, turnaround time is a crucial factor to success. Considering that simple PCBs often require upwards of 11 physical prototypes, PCB assembly turnaround time is that much more essential to your business.

So if you’re looking for ways to decrease your PCB assembly turnaround time, you’re in the right place. Here’s how turnkey circuit board assembly services can help you reduce your circuit board turnaround time.

Fewer Production Channels

One of the best parts of working with a turnkey PCB manufacturer is the ability to work through every prototype with a single company. The main advantage of working with one company is that there’s no need for an engineer or designer to juggle multiple contracts with different companies. That means there’s no margin for software or manufacturing equipment incompatibility, and more time to focus on other areas of your work. Turnkey takes some of the pressure off of your company to maintain several different points of contact for a single prototype project.

No Component Sourcing

In a traditional PCB manufacturing process, the designer or engineer is usually required to make all of their own component specifications and procure them before prototyping can begin. Not only is this time consuming, but it opens up the process to potential errors. For example, ordering the wrong component or two incompatible components can have adverse effects on your turnaround time. When you’re working with a turnkey PCB manufacturer, there’s no need to worry about locating and procuring components. An in-house specialist will complete this work for your project, which saves you time and money.

More Consistency

When you work with a turnkey PCB manufacturer, you’re investing in quality and consistency. Turnkey production requires consistent quality and turnaround times for every project. A successful turnkey manufacturer will be able to turn your prototypes around within a few days. Considering the number of prototypes needed for a simple circuit board, consistency is key.

Leaving traditional PCB manufacturing behind might feel like a big leap at first. But when you realize all of the time and money you’ll save with turnkey PCB manufacturing is well worth taking that leap.

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