Flying Probe

Advanced Assembly offers flying probe testing on our Takaya APT-1400F machine. The APT-1400F flying probe test system is the latest model in Takaya line and brings improved test speeds, positioning accuracy and test coverage.

This unit brings assurance like no other machine:

  • Test parts are placed correctly with proper rotation
  • Test parts are correct values
  • Solder shorts and open circuits are identified
  • BGAs are verified for good solder electrically
  • Functional test first pass yields increase
  • Process issues are discovered and corrected
  • Tests can be ready in one day

APT-1400F Features:

Flying Probes 6 Axis Top Side (2 vertical / 4 angled)
Fixed Probes 3 Bottom Side
Probe Tip Styles Varying for Specific Components
Component Height (Top) 60mm (2.36″)
Component Height (Bot) 120mm (4.27″)
XY-Testing Area 540 x 483mm (19″ x 21″)
Pitch 6 mils
Pad Size 2.4 mils

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