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PCB Prototyping Vs. Standard Production

When your business requires printed circuit boards to create a product, you might not understand absolutely everything about what goes into the process. You might also feel uncertain about which type of PCB production will best suit your needs. If your PCB manufacturer offers both PCB prototyping and standard PCB production and assembly, which is the ideal option? The answer largely depends as to where you are in the process, as most customers will opt for both at one time or another.

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VIEWPOINT 2019: Lawrence Davis, CEO & Founder, Advanced Assembly

2019 VIEWPOINT: Lawrence Davis, CEO & Founder of Advanced Assembly

Read what Lawrence Davis, CEO & Founder, has to say for what's in store for Advanced Assembly in 2019.

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How to Properly Handle and Store Your Printed Circuit Boards

If your business relies on PCB manufacturing to produce your products, you'll probably do everything in your power to ensure the circuit board assembly services you use culminate in a high-quality result. After all, PCBs represent 31% of the cost of any product, meaning there's little room for error or delay.

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Advanced Assembly Adds New My300; Further Expands PCB Assembly Capabilities

Advanced Assembly, a leader in quick-turn PCB assembly, announced the recent installation of MyCronic’s My300DX, the latest technology in assembly solutions for printed circuit boards (PCB). The addition of a My300 to the company’s manufacturing facility will allow Advanced Assembly to deliver new levels of PCB assembly speed, accuracy and flexibility to engineers across the country.

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Four Tips For Hassle-Free PCB Assembly

Printed circuit board assembly, or PCB assembly, can be an incredibly intricate and detailed process. Each stage of board assembly needs to be conducted in just the right order to ensure maximum efficiency and continued function of the printed circuit board. This doesn't change when outsourcing your board assembly to a PCB manufacturer, either. Before you start having your printed circuit boards manufactured, here are a few tips for PCB assembly to help ensure everything goes smoothly.

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A Glossary Of Terms For The PCB Manufacturing Process

Your life practically runs on printed circuit boards (PCBs) and you may not have even known it. These circuit boards are in nearly all computational electronics, from smartphones to digital clocks. It works by routing electric signals through electronics, essentially telling the electricity where to go and bringing electronics to life. As the PCB manufacturing process and function of PCBS are rather complicated, there is a whole slew of relevant terms to know.

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No-Clean Flux Solder vs. Water-Soluble Flux-Solder Paste

No-Clean Flux-Solder Paste is gaining popularity because it simplifies the PCB assembly process and reduces cost. Yet cleaning a board is still sometimes necessary. Learn the pros and cons of cleaning solutions in this article from Advanced Assembly.

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Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your PCB Manufacturer

Since we live in the digital age, it's no surprise that an increasing number of businesses rely on printed circuit boards to make their products. With the need for circuit board assembly services on the rise, the number of PCB assembly houses is, too. But how can you tell whether the PCB manufacturer you've chosen is really the best in the biz? You'll want to conduct some thorough research and ask at least some of these questions before making your final decision.