Advanced Assembly Joins Bio-Tech Engineers in State-of-the-Art Process

Aurora, CO – April 1, 2019 – Advanced Assembly, a leading provider of SMT assembly for engineers, today announced it has become a valued partner with a local defense contractor and bio engineers for a new state-of-the-art assembly process, soon to become the leading edge in technology called Arachnifoil.

“As a company focused on helping engineers with low volume PCB assemblies, we understand the challenges and obstacles so many innovators face when bringing new ideas to life,” said Lawrence Davis, president of Advanced Assembly. “With Arachnifoil, we will take PCB assembly to new levels with no impact to the environment and a solder strength and joint flexibility unseen in today’s market.”

Dr. Cronner, the leading bio engineer with Ascrope, has crossed two species of spiders.  The first of the two is a recently discovered species that produces natural occurring tin deposits in their spider silk, the Miagrama Metalinis. The second spider, Araneoid Ord, is known for having silk with the highest adhesive properties.  Engineering the two species together has produced the Stannum Araneae spider, which has a silk that is solderable and is stronger than any lead-free solders available today with no whiskering effects.

New spokesman, Toby Magwire, will be in our electronic trade show tech booth this year to discuss capabilities and manufacturing concerns.

With the new Arachnifoil paste for SMT assembly, Advanced Assembly can meet every application process you may have and take you and your designs into the next millennium.

“You can literally hang from this stuff,” Lawrence Davis said.

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