3 Cost-Saving Tips For PCB Manufacturing and Assembly

When printed circuit boards are integral to your products, you can’t afford to cut corners. And yet, you’re probably under pressure to keep costs reasonable. That can be a difficult line to walk, particularly because there are so many choices available. To help you save on your financial investment without sacrificing quality, you’ll probably want to follow these cost-saving PCB tips.

1. Remember That Less is More: You might be inclined to opt for a large board or a lot of complex components to ensure maximum functionality. But be careful not to get carried away. The most common multi layered PCBs consist of four, six, eight, or 10 layers. While PCB manufacturers can certainly make boards with far more, don’t forget that every extra component will cost you in the end. This isn’t to say that you should jeopardize your board’s ability to do its job for the sake of saving money. But it does mean that you should consciously reel yourself in if you feel there are unnecessary additions in the design.

2. Stick With the Standard: Along those same lines, don’t forget that any deviation from standard components will likely slow down the process and represent a higher cost. That may end up being a double whammy for your production value. For example, opting for an irregular board shape or even a solder mask that’s red or blue in color (rather than the traditional green) can really affect PCB quotes and ultimate costs. Ask yourself whether these decisions really serve the product or whether it’s merely a desire to do something a bit different. If keeping costs low without hurting the quality is your ultimate goal, you may want to save the special PCB assembly requests for another project in the future.

3. Outsource Your PCB Services: A lot of business owners believe they’ll save money by taking on as much as they can themselves. But a DIY approach will often backfire in the final analysis. While you may not end up paying as much up front, you could end up paying more in the end for production delays, design errors, and more. More than likely, your equipment and materials won’t provide the quality an outsourced PCB manufacturer can. In the end, working with PCB manufacturers will usually allow you to access the best tools, create the best products, and reduce costs overall.

Costs can be a big concern, but they don’t have to derail your PCB plans. For more information on our services, please contact us today.

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