2019 VIEWPOINT: Lawrence Davis, CEO & Founder of Advanced Assembly

Engineers across the world are focused on developing new products faster and more efficiently than ever before.The competitive nature of the industry, combined with the technology driving IOT product development, requires engineers to constantly be first to market. In addition, companies are up-revving key products faster than ever before. 

These are the needs Advanced Assembly was built from the ground up to meet. We prioritize and embrace custom designs, prototypes and low-volume PCB assembly, which has made us the leader in this market. Our first article service and assembly guarantee are the best in the industry, earning the trust of our many customers. 

“Advanced Assembly sees continued opportunities…”

Advanced Assembly continues to invest in the best equipment and systems from quote to delivery to provide the fastest turn-times to engineers and companies needing prototype to mid-level production PCB assembly. In 2018 we remodeled the entire facility, continuing our promise to stay ahead of the curve in technology and customer service.

We are constantly upgrading our automation software to present customers with a “WOW” experience. Advanced Assembly sees continued opportunities in our specific market and is bullish for 2019, expecting sustained growth in electrical product development.  

Lawrence Davis, CEO & Founder
Advanced Assembly

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