Flex, Rigid-Flex Boards and Assembly

Our days are intertwined with electronic devices of all sizes from smart phones and medical devices to wearable and ipads, just to name a few. While most devices are flexible, efficient, and lightweight, they also have one more thing in common—each uses flexible circuit boards.

Types of Flex Fabrication Services

  • Single-Sided Flexible Circuits - A single copper conductor layer on a flexible dielectric film.

  • Double-Sided Flexible Circuits - Double-sided copper clad material with top and bottom cover films. The two conductive layers have an insulating layer between.

  • Multi-Layer Flexible Circuit Boards - A combination of single and/or double-sided flex circuits laminated with adhesive onto a single and/or double-sided material.

  • Rigid Flex Circuits - Used to accommodate the entire conductor pattern of electric circuit within one component.



Flex Board and Assembly Requirements

Ordering flex is a bit more complex than ordering PCB assembly. Below is a list of file requirements. If you have any question, please contact us  and we will help with your order. 

  • BOM
  • Gerber
  • CAD
  • Array File
  • Fabrication DWG: Need the detail information such as stiffener location and thickness, etc.
  • Order Quantity to determine the Fixture quantity
  • Depanel Option
  • Special Cut Requirement for De-Panel
  • Package Requirement

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