Design for Assembly - PCB Inspection

94% of assembly data is accidentally submitted with errors, which is why we assemble every order electronically first using our proprietary design for assembly verification software called BOM Builder.

While parts & boards are being procured, if turn-key services are requested, our engineering team gets started right away checking the design.

Design data is extracted from the Gerbers, XYRS and BOM files. Then a PDF image is created from actual manufacturing data.

Next, our engineering team reviews every design to verify part fit and rotation. Almost all potential errors are caught and corrected prior to assembly, including:

     Missing Polarity Markings

     Part Rotation

     Package to Footprint Fit

     Part Spacing

     BOM and XYRS Comparison

Customers are notified if errors are found and allowed to confirm final designs.

The design check is done while parts are being procured.

This free PCB inspection process prevents delays and costly rework, ultimately reducing assembly time by a full week, on average.