About Us

Advanced Assembly was founded to help engineers assemble their prototype and low-volume PCB orders. Prior to Advanced Assembly, engineers had a difficult time finding a reliable partner to assemble small quantities of circuit boards. In 2004, Advanced Assembly developed a proprietary technology to assemble a few boards at a time and deliver them over 80% faster than the typical industry turn time. PCB assembly is the company’s only focus, not an add-on service like some competitors. For this reason, its services are in demand by design engineers across North America, including those at many Fortune 500 organizations. We take the hassle out of PCB assembly and make it easy, so you can spend time on other aspects of your design.

To deliver orders quickly with extreme attention to accuracy, Advanced Assembly begins by creating a virtual prototype or digital version of every design based on actual manufacturing data. This helps avoid potential problems before they cause delays or costly rework. Next, Advanced Assembly uses a proprietary software known as BOM Builder to automatically program its assembly machines. In the past, programming a machine involved a slow, manual process that took days. With BOM Builder machines can be set-up in minutes. Every board is machine-assembled fast and inspected for quality in an ISO-approved manufacturing facility.

Everyday Advanced Assembly helps hundreds of engineers shorten their product development cycles and achieve faster time-to-market distribution. It’s truly a revolutionary way to handle low-volume PCB assembly and SMT prototyping, and has received incredible response from customers across all industries.

To find out how we can reduce your PCB assembly headaches and help keep projects on-time, contact us or upload files for a quote in less than 24 hours.